OPAS provides educational programs in the form of Classes & Workshops for the community and School Programs in partnership with the Sequim School District.

Sequim School District programs enable volunteers to interact with children during classroom visits in grades K through Four, as well as assist with school field trips at the Dungeness River Audubon Center in grades five through eight.

Funding is available for High School and College Independent Research in environmental studies through Homer Frazier Internships.

Awards for outstanding Bird Art are provided at the annual Student Art Show sponsored by Sequim Arts at the Sequim Museum and Art Center.

Awards for outstanding video production in environmental issues are provided at the annual Film Festival sponsored by the Sequim Education Foundation.

Classes such as our Backyard Birder series are intended for people who want to know more about identifying and attracting birds seen locally throughout the year.

Backyard Birding Class

by Ken Wiersema     Backyard Birding Programs Happy New Year 2020 – We start off the New Year with a series of your favorite programs and classes. Take some time from your winter chores and plan to attend one or more of these offerings: Backyard Birding Programs – hosted at Dungeness River Audubon Center …

Education Notes

Education Notes by Ken Wiersema

School Programs

School Programs – The Dungeness River Audubon Center’s education focus for elementary and middle school children is from second through eighth grades. Thanks to a series of environmental education grants, Center staff has developed curriculum for elementary and middle schools that focus on the wildlife of the Dungeness watershed and how humans affect local watersheds …

Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops – The Education Committee encourages schools and colleges of the community to conduct courses in, or otherwise stress natural history, ecology, and conservation. It conducts classes and workshops in natural science for members and friends and informs and educates the public about the natural environment.