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OPAS Conservation Award 2018-2019

Kudos to Laura Davis, Liam Antrim, and Dow Lambert
Each year the OPAS Conservation Committee nominates individuals for their contributions and achievements in studying and improving the conservation of our local birds. This recognition can be presented to OPAS members or others in our community who perform a noteworthy act or make lasting contributions over many years.
This year we acknowledgedthe accomplishments of three of our members. Liam and Laura were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in leading the 2018-2019 OPAS Trumpeter-Tundra Swan study. They stepped forward to schedule weekly data collection teams and add two additional areas of study. They arranged monitoring to establish where swans were going to night roosts and where they were at risk to strike power lines.
Their organizational skills and competence overcame challenging winter conditions requiring frequent rescheduling and logistic adjustments. Liam initiated new contacts with property owners to allow volunteers to access and count swans on lands that were hidden from the road. Laura’s comprehensive weekly reports provided timely study data to volunteers and OPAS members.
Their study data became an important part of the State’s Priority Habitat and Species database and was also shared with the Northwest Swan Conservation Association and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Laura and Liam’s leadership strengthened and expanded this longstanding OPAS community science project.
Dow Lambert earned recognition for his over 9 years of stellar contributions to our Chapter’s Purple Martin project. He has volunteered countless hours to design, build, install, repair, and maintain an array of over 35 nest boxes located at the 3 Crabs restoration site, on Protection Island NWR, and near Port Angeles.
He readily contributes his photographic skills to catalog the progress of the breeding activity and document the annual cycle of Martin reproduction successes. His commitments include working in adverse weather, hanging nest boxes from atop a 15′ ladder, midnight box recovery from tide flats in midwinter, and acceptance of personal health risks when handling bird waste.
Dow also generously contributes many excellent photographs and videos to our education and funding programs. Dow is fun and inspirational to work with and an exemplary example of volunteering to provide safe nesting spaces for migrating birds.

Dow Lambert, (Robert Phreaner, presenter) Laura Davis, Liam Antrim
photo by Ken Wiersema