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Backyard Birder Class

Backyard Birder Class

The Backyard Birding series of classes, hosted by members of the Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society, is intended for residents of this area who are interested in knowing more about birds seen locally each season of the year and learning how to develop good habitats for wild birds. The cost of each session is $5 and is free for anyone under 18. 

“Backyard Birding” can be taken either as individual classes or as a series. The cost of each session is $5 and is free for anyone under 18. After the completion of five sessions, participants will be offered free membership in OPAS for one year.

October 6, 2018 – July 6, 2019


Oct 6 Landscaping for Birds Joe Holtrop

Clallam Cons. Dist.

Nov 3 Being a Birder Denny Van Horn

OPAS Field Trip Chair

Dec 1 Winter Bird Feeding and Watering Christie Lassen

Co-Owner, Wild Birds

Jan 5, 2019 Birdscaping – Inviting

Birds to your Yard

Carolyn Wilcox
Feb 2 Bird Nesting & GBBC Ken Wiersema &

Nina Sarmiento

Mar 2 Birds: The Inside story

Bird anatomy & biology

Shirley Anderson &

Ken Wiersema

Apr 6 Migration Tomás Setubal
May 4 Spring Sounds Dow Lambert &

Ken Wiersema

Jun 1 Out of the Nest Ken Wiersema &

Nina Sarmiento

Jul 6 Gulls & Local Shorebirds Bob Boekelheide