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Community Science Projects

Community Science – OPAS is involved in several Community Science Projects, some that include partnering with other organizations. OPAS members have participated in training sessions, built nesting boxes, gathered data and conducted surveys. Click on each project below to read more.



Pigeon Guillemots

Pigeon Guillemot Survey

Pigeon Guillemot nesting survey – After a 2015 pilot Pigeon Guillemot nesting survey at Port Williams, the survey was organized and expanded in June, 2016 by Ed Bowlby.

Puget Sound Seabird Survey

Puget Sound Seabird Survey – Seattle Audubon’s Puget Sound Seabird Survey (PSSS) is a community science program where volunteer birdwatchers gather data on seabird populations.

Purple Martin Nest Box Project

Purple Martin Nest Box study – Records of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) reveal documented nesting colonies of Purple Martins in Clallam County from the 1920s.

Trumpeter/Tundra Swan Survey

Swan Study – Since the winter of 2011/2012, OPAS has partnered with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and presently, the Northwest Swan Conservation Association, to conduct a swan survey in the Sequim/Dungeness area.

Western Bluebird/Climate Watch Study

The OPAS Western Bluebird Program started in 2014 to collect data on the nesting habits of the Western Bluebird in the OPAS chapter area of Clallam County. In the same year, National Audubon released the Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report that highlighted the risks that climate change poses to birds across North America. The …