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OPAS Harlequin Award

Harlequin Award for 2016 presented to Mary Porter-Solberg

Each year, our past Harlequin Award recipients, who remain active as officers and board members, accept and evaluate nominations from OPAS members and leaders for an OPAS member worthy of recognition. Nominees are those who have made excellent and valuable contributions to OPAS and our mission over many years. This year, we recognized Mary Porter Solberg for her many years of conservation and environmental leadership and advocacy in support of OPAS and our community. Mary has contributed her thoroughly researched knowledge of science, and excellent organizational skills to lead & co-lead OPAS’s Mary P-SConservation Committee for over 7 years. She has prepared many papers expressing our position on uses of public lands, restoring habitat, and protecting endangered wildlife. She also organized and managed several local research projects to monitor and count migrating Trumpeter Swans, and is now doing new work to study seabirds. Mary responsibly represents OPAS at regional and statewide meetings, and is respected throughout our State for her calm, thoughtful, consensus building. Her voice and writings form an invaluable part of coalition building among other environmental advocates, and influencing governmental leaders. For about 6 months of the year, she works from a remote site, in Arizona. While there, she achieves more via Skype, email, and editing our OPAS web site than most of us do remaining here in Clallam County year round. Mary is superb to work with, a thoughtful, firm, yet amiable and collaborative team player who gets a job done. She receives a well-earned award; one that will also provide our Harlequin Duck a sought-after winter trip to AZ this year. Well done Mary – Many thanks from us all.