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OPAS Harlequin Award

Harlequin Award for 2017 presented to Nancy Bargar

Each year, past Harlequin awardees who remain active in OPAS, accept nominations and review the many years of contributions that our members have accomplished. They make a recommendation to our Board for the recognition of a deserving member. This award was established in 1982 to recognize and thank one of our members for their time, talent, and dedication to OPAS.

Nancy Bargar receives Harlequin Award from Former President
Ken Wiersema

At our September meeting, Nancy Bargar was presented the Award for her lengthy and dedicated service to OPAS and to our partnership with the Dungeness River Audubon Center. She has just left a 7 year tenure as our Treasurer, during which she employed her skills and accounting experience to reorganize our books and align them with software that accurately generated reports the Board needs to budget and direct OPAS expenditure of funds. She dug into a new Salesforce database software system, and learned to apply Salesforce data to track our membership files and support the needs of our membership chair. She ably and responsively prepared the financial data needed for an array of reports required to maintain our status as an active Chapter of the National Audubon Society, and current registration as a non-profit organization for Federal and State governments.

Nancy has also served on the Audubon Center’s investment committee, and as one of OPAS’s representatives on their board. For many years, she kept the books and managed the funds for the Olympic Peninsula Bird Festival, until the management was turned over to the Audubon Center.

She provided reliable, responsible, and accurate data, as well as management recommendations to our Board with pleasant good humor, though at times the Board’s conservation discussions may have stretched her interest span. Her largely behind-the-scenes work allowed other OPAS leaders to move forward with bird-related and conservation activities, and to keep our programs fresh and strong.

We often present this award to those in more visible leadership positions, but it’s fitting to also recognize Nancy’s stellar work done mostly out of sight. Our heartfelt thanks to her. Well done and well deserved.