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Breaking News is where you can view OPAS news, special upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and information about any scheduling changes with our field trips and events. 


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OPAS now has a Facebook page! Be sure to check it out.


The Woods Road – Palo Alto Loop field trip scheduled for Feb 26 has been CANCELED!



OPAS Field Trips needs your HELP! We need volunteers to lead and/or co-lead outings whether it’s in a local area or one that’s an adventure out-there-and-about. We have a few dedicated individuals who lead all of our outings. But we need new people, new areas, new ideas, new interests. You don’t have to be an expert or a guru at birding; novices and beginners can work wonders in finding birds and sharing the excitement of discovery and learning. So PLEASE: come out and be a leader. Create an outing and we’ll assist you from there. Get in touch with Denny Van Horn dennyvanhorn@gmail.com and come out and play – Thanks!


Western Bluebird Watch Program for 2017

western-bluebirdThe Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society’s Western Bluebird Watch Program is seeking volunteers to participate in the second phase of National Audubon’s Climate Watch Program that focuses on bluebirds.

Audubon’s Climate Watch was developed as a followup to the 2014 Audubon Birds and Climate Change report that highlighted the risks climate change poses to birds across North America

The program focuses on areas of predicted change for bluebirds within each chapter’s territory and highlights areas of expected range expansion and contraction.  Maps of the chapter’s territory overlaid with a grid of 10-kilometer squares that show predictions for change based on the climate models have been provided to the coordinator of each participating chapter.

Volunteers will conduct 5 minute surveys in assigned points within each square. Though the focus is bluebirds, the volunteer is asked to record all bird species viewed within the 5 minute period.

For more information about the OPAS Western Bluebird Watch Program and National Audubon Climate Watch please contact Joyce Volmut at joyce.volmut@gmail.com or call 785-554-6379.


Support Legislative Action on Climate Change

Decision makers need to hear from you! Let them know that you are concerned about our changing climate, its impact on birds, on our communities, and our planet.

Click here to voice your concerns. You will be redirected to the Audubon Washington action center website.






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