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Breaking News is where you can view OPAS news, important conservation items, volunteer opportunities, and information about any scheduling changes with our field trips and events. 


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The Swans have returned to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley!

On November 8, one swan study volunteer team found 103 Trumpeter Swans (93 adults, 10 juveniles) on the corn stubble field east and north of the airport! That is a record count of swans for so early in the season. We have recently trained many more volunteers to count swans this winter thanks to a few experienced volunteers that have generously shared their knowledge and time. Enjoy the swans while they are here, but please remember to respect private property and find a safe place to view them.

Trumpeter Swans
Photo by Robert Hutchison


Update! Marbled Murrelet Long-Term Conservation Strategy

During an all-day Board of Natural Resources (BNR) meeting held on Tuesday Nov. 7 (agenda, presentation), the BNR chose their preferred alternative that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff will analyze for the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. 

Unfortunately the plan that BNR chose was the staff proposed alternative from the DNR. This alternative plan does not preserve enough older forest habitat to stabilize the declining Marbled Murrelet population.

Read more on our Conservation News page.


OPAS Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Resolution

Great Blue Heron trapped in Atlantic salmon net pen

On October 13 at the Washington State Audubon Conservation Committee (WSACC) meeting, OPAS presented a “Resolution to Cease Permitting Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture in Washington’s Marine Waters“.

Birds and native fish rely on a healthy marine food web that now suffers from the antibiotic drugs, inadequately maintained net pens, lack of comprehensive regulations, and harvesting methods used in industrial Atlantic salmon production. We ask that Washington State Chapters urge their elected officials to introduce and pass legislation to cease issuing permits for Atlantic salmon marine net pen aquaculture in Washington State; and that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) cease to renew or extend existing aquatic leases for Atlantic salmon net pen aquaculture.  All chapters in attendance agreed to pass the resolution. Read the entire resolution here.








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