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Field Trips: January-February, 2018

Denny AFMJ Van Horn

January’s weather is cold, blustery, wet – but at times, sunny and warm. February is usually the same. Nevertheless, this is one of the most exciting times to be out birding around the OlyPen as winter species are active and usually cooperative for binocs and scopes as Birders search, find, and list. We’ve two of our regular outings posted [JWM & CBP]; and two special ones [Gardiner Beach & Skagit]; and a sharing about a chance to participate in a citizen-science project that is just plain fun!


Carrie Blake Park Walk-around

Date: January 21 / 9-11am

Leader: Cindy Fullwiler

Meeting Place: The SE parking area near the Doggie play-pens

Features: Cindy will be leading this OPAS outing. And it should be a good one for several reasons. First, Cindy’s a dang-good birder and really enjoys sharing her knowledge. Second, she’ll have her camera with it’s mega-long lens with her so it’ll be a chance to watch, look-see, and ask questions with someone who is an out-standing photographer. And third, it’s an easy walk-around in this area on good ground with lots of habitat where typical winter species can easily be found and approached

Bring: Binocs, scopes, and personal accoutrements as desired

For further information: Cindy Fullwiler cfullwiler@hotmail.com / 951-501-9257


Eastside Bays

Date:  January 27th / 8:30am

Leader: Gary Bullock

Meeting Place: South parking lot of John Wayne Marina

Features: Sequim Bay, Pitship Pocket, Washington Harbor, Schmuck Road, and Port Williams always give-up some great birds and Gary is a real gem at finding them

Bring: Binocs, scopes, and personal accoutrements as desired

For further information: Gary Bullock gbullockak@hotmail.com / 360-797-4556



Gardiner Beach & Diamond Point

Date: February 18th / 8:30am

Leader: John Gatchet

Meeting Place: Gardiner Beach boat launch

Features: Discovery Bay and the waters between the beach and Protection Island offer an incredible array of water-birds; as does the delightful variety of ecosystems across Diamond Point. Also, you’ll have the chance to bird from John’s backyard [yard-list of 100+ ssp] as an extra added attraction to this field-trip

Bring: Binocs, scopes, and personal accoutrements as desired

For further information: John Gatchet jfgatchet@gmail.com / 503-781-5043


Great Backyard Bird Count

February 16th – 19th

Features: The GBBC, created in 1995 by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, is an online citizen-science project which collects information on bird populations world-wide and displays these data in real-time. You are invited to participate on one or more days of the count from any location – for us here on the OlyPen, these data gives us a great look into species occurrence and population numbers in our local area. So, come out and play.

Further Information – Click here for more info on how to get started and then click on Sign in or click or Register as a New User to participate in this wonderful adventure. Also – if further local info is needed – contact Bob Boekelheide bboek@olympus.net / 360-808-0196 or Denny Van Horn dennyvanhorn@gmail.com / 360 406-1584 [texting is best]!


Skagit Flats & Samish Valley

Date: Monday & Tuesday, February 26 & 27, 2018 

Leader: Bob Iddins

Note: Preregistration is required – see below

Costs: No charge for outing; however participants make their own lodging arrangements (Mt. Vernon, Burlington, Anacortes) and are responsible for their own meals both days.

Meeting place: Take the 8:00 am ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville (reservations are strongly recommended). Upon exiting the ferry we’ll meet at the parking area for the boat ramp adjacent to the ferry terminal. Turn right after exiting ferry. For those going early or coming from there areas, we’ll meet at the parking lot for the Farmhouse Restaurant at the intersection of HWY 20 and La Connor Whitney Road (between Mount Vernon and Anacortes) at about 10 am

Features: A very popular trip to the Samish Valley & Skagit Flats starring a plethora of swans, snow geese, wintering raptors and occasional surprises (there have been recent sightings of a Blue Jay and a Painted Bunting)

Bring: Optics (binocs &/or scopes) and lunch for both days. Dress warmly and be prepared for inclement weather. We will probably do some car pooling on site. Participating cars will require a Discover Pass for access to state lands

Further information:  Bob Iddins, home: 360 681 2840; cell: 360 775 5945; eMail: middins@olypen.com


Field trips are also posted in the Events Calendar.

For more information about OPAS Field Trips, please email the Field Trip Coordinator, Denny Van Horn, at dennyvanhorn@gmail.com  or call (360) 406-1584

Visit the Dungeness River Audubon Center web site or call the Center at 360-681-4076 to find out more about River Center trips.