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Field Trips: September / October, 2017

Denny AFMJ Van Horn

The change has happened – Summer for early Fall. The birds know it. Black headed grosbeaks, Bullock’s orioles, Swainson’s thrushes, Common nighthawk and others are gone. Most of the swallows have left. Can you feel it? The change? But the change means that others are on their way back from nesting grouds to the north; And this is the time of year for vagrants and those awesome Code 5s to show up.. We’ve a few local outings planned to spark your birding enjoyment.


Pitship Pocket to Port Williams

Date & Time: Saturday, September 23, 9am

Leader: Gary Bullock

Meeting place: South parking lot at John Wayne Marina

Features: Early Fall! And those arctic nesters, along with birds whose breeding areas are scattered out-there-and-about, are starting to flow back into our area and gathering in their fall-wintering habitats.

Bring: Scopes, binocs and personal accoutrements as desired.

Further Information Contact: Gary Bullock <gbullockak@hotmail.com> / 360 797-4556



Date & Time: Saturday, Sept 30, [see meeting place]

Leader: A couple of really good birders!  

Meeting place: 3 Crabs at 8am; 10am at Dungeness Landing

Features: A vast sandy tideflat from E to W with all those fast moving shorebirds – wanna know what they are? And glean a vast amount of ID knowledge to tuck into your array of “What bird is that?” Join us and we’ll figure out what all those feathered critters out there are.

Bring: Scopes, binocs and personal accoutrements as desired.

For further information contact: Bob Boekelheide <bboek@olympus.net> / 360 808-0196


Ediz Hook

Date & Time: Saturday, October 28, 9am

Leader: Denny AFMJ Van Horn

Meeting place: Down by the Coast Guard Station.

Features: Gulls, alcids, shorebirds, waterfowl, cormies, grebes, loons, and all the other waterbirds that have shown up to overwinter on the bay.

Bring: Binocs, scopes, and personal accoutrements as desired.

For further information contact Denny Van Horn <dennyvanhorn@gmail.com> / 360 406-1584


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For more information about OPAS Field Trips, please email the Field Trip Coordinator, Denny Van Horn, at dennyvanhorn@gmail.com  or call (360) 406-1584

Visit the Dungeness River Audubon Center web site or call the Center at 360-681-4076 to find out more about River Center trips.