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Education Notes

Education Notes
by Ken Wiersema

Nest Boxes — Our annual nest box class, on 24 Feb, was successful for the few hardy folks who braved the sleet and forecasted snow. We took advantage of the small class size to assemble precut kits inside the Center and build excellent boxes that attendees took home to install. Many thanks to Gary Bullock, Dan Stahler, Carl Siver, and Bob Phreaner for their patience, tool skills, and for pre-cutting & packaging the box kits. We offer this class in the last Saturday in Feb each year to help our community get ready for the arrival of migrating songbirds. We have a few non-assembled box kits at the Center that you can purchase at the gift shop. Fully assembled boxes are also available.

Focus Series – Powell, Jenna, and I have put together a series of in depth classes on bird specific bird species. The first three programs on Corvids, Owls, and Woodpeckers have been well attended. The upcoming classes on Ducks, Hummingbirds, and Swallows will complete the initial series. Our intent is to add several new programs in the next series, possibly Raptors, Shorebirds, Rodents, Coyotes, Salmon, and Bears?  Notice how a few non-avian species will edge into the mix. If you have a particular life form you’d want to see and learn about, please let us know. We’re looking for skilled subject matter presenters to expand our instructor team. If you’re one or know one, please let us know.

Dungeness River Audubon Center classes. – I won’t repeat what is presented on the Center’s web site, but ask you to look it over. A new Beginning Birds class will be taking enrollment soon; Birding by Ear is also taking signups. Keep a close watch on what is happening.…

Spring is nearly upon us. Our classes and programs give you some basic information, but to increase your skills and enjoyment, get out and go birding. The OPAS-led Wednesday Morning Birdwalk is a great start; look over and join the many field trips this spring. And of course, BirdFest is coming; please join us.