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Education Notes

Education Notes, Sept – Oct, 2018
by Ken Wiersema

Hope y’all enjoyed the summer and took in an OPAS field trip or a class. We have a full schedule of events coming up this year, with a renewed and updated Backyard Birder series and the merging of several of our bird classes into the River Center’s Focus On series. Please take a look at our offerings and mark your calendars for those events you want to attend. The full year of Backyard Birding is shown below. If you want a subject presented that is outside of these topics please drop me an email (wiersema@olympus.net) or a text and suggest it. I’ll try to work it in to a planned class, or we can create a new class. We also need new presenters. Last year we had three new folks step forward. I thank them. If you have an interest in helping with these classes, please contact me.  Your help and talents are welcome.

Focus On — Programs for Sep and Oct offer two new presentations:

September 15, Slugs & Snails — an overview of our local gastropods. Most of what you find on the internet tells you how to rid your yard of them. Come and learn their place and value to our ecosystem. Presenter – Jenna Ziogas
October 20, Rodents – Delve into the lives of the most plentiful wild mammals that live on and share our Olympic Peninsula. From voles to beavers, many live unnoticed and close to us. Please leave your pet rodents, and any captured in your yard at home. Presenter Ken Wiersema

[Note: Focus On programs start at 10 a.m. at the River Center on the dates indicated, and collect a fee to support education programs at the Center.]

River Festival – This year the festival has been revised to include an evening, plus a following day event. Starting on Sept. 27 at 4 p.m., exhibits will be open to families and other attendees. There will be a food vendor and music in the River Stage amphitheater. Then, on Friday, Sept. 28, local school classes will be the primary attendees. OPAS will again be in the River Center, and acting as guides to the exhibits. We’ll be recruiting volunteers to take a shift on either Thursday evening or Friday. Please step forward and give us a hand. It’s fun! More information at our Sept. meeting and on our web site. You can also contact me for info.

Backyard birder program schedule for OPAS year 2018-2019.

[Note: Programs start at 10 a.m. in the River Center.]

Date Subject Presenter(s)
Oct 6 Landscaping for Birds Joe Holtrop
Clallam Cons. Dist.
Nov 3 Being a Birder Denny Van Horn
OPAS Field Trip Chair
Dec 1 Winter Bird Feeding
and Watering
Christie Lassen
Co-Owner, Wild Birds
Unlimited, Gardiner
Jan 5, 2019 Birdscaping – Inviting
Birds to your Yard
Carolyn Wilcox
Feb 2 Bird Nesting & GBBC Ken Wiersema &
Nina Sarmiento
Mar 2 Birds: The Inside story
Bird anatomy & biology
Shirley Anderson &
Ken Wiersema
Apr 6 Migration Tomás Setubal
May 4 Spring Sounds Dow Lambert &
Ken Wiersema
Jun 1 Out of the Nest Ken Wiersema &
Nina Sarmiento
Jul 6 Gulls & Local Shorebirds Bob Boekelheide