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Education Notes

Education Notes
by Ken Wiersema

New Birding programs. Hope 2018 finds you well and happy. I’d ask you to note the new and revised “Focus On” bird programs offered by the Dungeness River Audubon Center. Powell, Jenna and I laid out these special programs based on what many folks have asked about and what skills and resources we had available to present them. Currently we have three folks preparing the classes. We want to expand our bird and wildlife offerings, in a way that fits well with our successful Backyard Birding programs. So for the first 6 months of 2018, we’ll have Backyard Birding in the 1st Saturday of each month, and the “Focus On” programs on the 3rd Saturday. The dates and topics are:

  • January 20th Corvids
  • February 17th Woodpeckers
  • March 17th Ducks
  • April 21st Hummingbirds
  • May 19th Swallows

All classes will be held at the Dungeness River Audubon Center from 10a.m. – 12p.m. Classes will be taught by Powell Jones, Jenna Ziogas, and Ken Wiersema. Registration is not required; however, $10 for non-members, or $5 for all members paid at the door. For more information, contact Jenna at rceducation@olympus.net or 360-681-4076.

Look over the offerings; if you wish suggest other programs that interest you,, or to join our corps of presenters, please talk with Powell, Jenna, or me, or drop us and email. These classes are designed to attract folks to our Center, build support in our community for its operation, and create a modest funding stream. Powell’s initial program in the series, in Dec, attracted over 70 folks. Mark them on your calendar and plan to attend a few.

Backyard Birding. In January, Shirley Anderson and I present “Birds the Inside Story” We will lead a discussion of the biology and physical features of birds — how they eat, digest, breath, sing, reproduce, and fly.

In February, I will present a program on bird nesting: where and how local birds nest, and how nesting is an integral part of pair bonding. Come join us.