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President’s Notes

President’s Notes – July – August, 2018
by Bob Phreaner


It’s time to put a price on carbon pollution! Audubon Washington strongly believes that we need to take action now to address anthropogenic climate change. Audubon supported the I-732 Carbon Tax in 2016 and is endorsing I-1631 Carbon Fee this year. British Columbia and California have adopted different methods with positive results. Whether we have a tax on carbon or a cap-and-trade policy, we have a responsibility to future generations to take action.

$250 million of the revenue from I-1631 will fund Washington’s investment in clean air, clean water, healthy forests, and clean energy projects. Over 50 million metric tons of carbon would be reduced in 30 years. That is the equivalent of removing 10 million cars from the highways.

In 2014 National Audubon released it’s “Birds and Climate Report“, which told us that climate change poses serious threats to 189 bird species in Washington. 60% of bird ranges have shifted North since 1980. If we do nothing will the birds we watch today be here for our grandchildren to enjoy? In the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Audubon Washington is actively promoting I-1631 because we are the stewards of birds in the 21st century. The OPAS Conservation committee considers climate change and other issues for protecting habitat, and we welcome anyone with these interests to join us.

OPAS is an all-volunteer organization with a love of birds and a desire to protect our environment. I would like to thank all of our Board members and Committee Chairs for their stewardship this past year, especially those not returning: Bob Iddins, Barb Johnson, Jane Stewart, and Nancy Bargar. OPAS is in need of a Conservation Chair, as well as social media assistance. You do not need to be a ‘great birder’ or have lived here a long time. There is a place on the OPAS team for you and your skill set, so please contact me or talk to one of our OPAS Board members about how you can help. As Bob Boekelheide tells his 3 Crab Survey team: “You get what you pay for; we do our best, and No guilt”!

From Harlequin Happenings, July – August, 2018